What You See Is What You Get | Part Four


– Inyang Okutinyang

| www.inyangokutinyang.com |

The Goliath in Your Life

Goliath is a type for us today, representing anything that the devil is using to harass you. You may see your ₦25,000,000.00 debt as huge, especially when all you have coming in is ₦200,000.00 a month. When you are sitting at your table, looking at your bills, compare them to your Almighty God. Take those bills and compare them to the riches of God in Christ Jesus. Suddenly, your bills will start shrinking! That’s why it is so important what you focus your eyes and attention on. Fear enters into our hearts when we begin to focus on physical evidence.
What if your doctor tells you that you have cancer? You break the news to your family and friends, and they sink into despair as they start telling you of all the people they know who have died from cancer. Suddenly the cancer starts growing bigger in your mind, into a huge unstoppable monster. All the doctors in the world can’t stop it! What you need to do is put the cancer beside Jesus and His healing power. When you start to look at the situation in the proper perspective, the cancer won’t look so big anymore. Instead it will begin to shrink, and Jesus will ultimately dwarf it out of existence!

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