Praise: The Way to Have More Than Enough | Part Four


 Inyang Okutinyang

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Make Your Problem God’s Problem

King Jehoshaphat comes before God in verses 10 to 12 and says in effect, “if it were not for You who prevented us Lord, we would have destroyed these people long ago when we were on our way here from Egypt, and then they wouldn’t have been here to attack us today. And now see how they reward us, by coming to throw us out of Your possession which You gave us to inherit!” He’s making his problem God’s problem, he’s saying that he and God are one. They are in covenant together. If Judah is in trouble, then it’s also God’s trouble; the enemies had come to cast them out of God’s possession.

You might say, “God knows what I’m going through. Why doesn’t He just go ahead and help me?” Jesus told us that even though God knows what your request is before you pray, you still have to go ahead and ask. Yes, God knows everything, but we still have to give Him the legal right to intervene in our circumstances – He doesn’t just butt in uninvited. He wants to help us, but how many people are inviting Him in? Most people are trying to fix things on their own, and tell God to take a back seat and watch them solve their problems themselves. Oh, how it breaks His heart to see the mess we make of our lives over and over again!

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