How to Make the Dream God Gave You Come True | Part Two



The Purpose of Having a Dream

Every Bible character who walked with God and did exploits for Him, had a dream, a hope, or a vision; something that pointed him or her to a better future. We as believers have the best days of our lives ahead of us, not behind us. When people refer to “the good old days”, they are implying that today and the days ahead can only be worse. In the world, people who cannot see any hope for the future, often resort to substances abuse to numb the pain of other present reality. Or worse still, they commit suicide. Thank God, that is not our portion as believers. In Christ, the best is always yet to come as we move from glory to glory!

The Lord will not show you everything that’s ahead. But He will let you know something that will take a hold of your heart – maybe through a dream or a vision. It may even be through reading the scriptures that the Lord will confirm something in your heart. The vision He gives you will be strong, that you just know that you know that you know that it’s true! This is exactly what the Lord did for Joseph. He gave him big dreams, to bless him and to use him to bless multitudes. Today that is still God’s purpose when He gives us dreams.


Soon Joseph’s jealous brothers could stand him no longer. And so they took him and sold him into slavery. Eventually, he ended up in the Egypt (Genesis 37:12-36). Just imagine the kind of frustration that led his brothers to almost kill Joseph, and to eventually sell him as a slave. The devil must have laughed at him and told him that now his dreams could never be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what you are going through today, or what your background is. There is someone in the Bible who has experienced the something, or even worse, and who came our victorious over their circumstances!

Don’t Use Your Mouth To Delay Your Dream
When God reveals something to you, you need to be very careful about with whom you share it. Not everybody is going to be as excited as you are about what God has shown you; not even fellow Christians. You don’t need to share everything that the Lord reveals to you with others. By doing so, you could get the enemy involved in God’s plan for your life. Joseph found this out the hard way. He was only seventeen and didn’t know better than to provoke his already jealous brothers with his dreams of rulership over them! Moses’ mistake in this regard cost him forty years! How true do the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:6 ring, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine; lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”

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