Generational Curses: The Truth Revealed | Part Nine


– Inyang Okutinyang


Generational curses are out there. No Christian should have to suffer the effects of any curse, generational or otherwise. If you believe they will affect you, they will. When someone tells you that you need to be delivered from a generational curse and they pray over you, you might ‘feel’ delivered. But over time you might not be sure anymore, especially if you start seeing evidence of the curse again in your life. Next thing you know, you’ll be going for another ‘deliverance prayer’.
Such a pattern only leads to bondage. The devil would have successfully robbed you of your righteousness consciousness. You won’t be able to pray with confidence. Our prayers are answered because of Jesus’ righteousness, not because of our family; not because we give money to the poor; not because we are good people.

What does it matter who your earthly father or ancestors are, when God is your heavenly Father? Christ has redeemed you from every curse, so by faith resist the devil and resist the effects of any curse you see trying to manifest in your life. Take full advantage of all your blessings in Christ, and no devil in hell will be big enough to stop you.

If you are not saved, you must first make Jesus your Saviour and Lord. Forsake the curses of your old Adamic family, then you can begin to enjoy the blessings of your new family in Christ!

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