Doubt and Pride – The Deadly Twins | Part Two


– Taiwo Akinyemi

The devil knows the power that Doubt and Pride carry. You can doubt a man and doubt his ability to deliver on a promise but you must never doubt God. Doubting your maker’s ability to take care of you leaves you open and unprotected from the devil who wants you (desires you) but can’t touch you unless he can get you to doubt God. Once he can get you to doubt, pride will come easily because you will now want to protect your image.

Imagine a plane on the runway as it taxis, ready to take off. Now, what if as that plane speeds down the runway it lacks the needed thrust to lift off the ground? What do you think would happen? Well, the plane would crash. Planes weren’t made to continue down the runway and once a plane goes off the smooth surface of the tarmac it won’t last long before it meets it’s end.

That’s what happens to the person who takes off with God and then begins to doubt. Yesterday we said ‘everything becomes questionable once doubt sets in ‘ and like the plane that person will lose momentum and be unable to fulfil their assignment. Doubt will corrupt your assignment and once this happens you will lack the conviction needed to do whatever you were trusting God to do.

Another word for doubt is unbelief and often when people see that they are losing momentum (because they are in doubt) they just hang on hoping things somehow work. Hope might look like faith in God but it is not. You see, unless your hope is based on God’s word, it is empty. Hope on its own is uncertain – it is not sure but the reason why so many hold on so tenaciously to hope is because they have given in and now doubt God’s word. And once you doubt God’s word or doubt you will see what you are expecting, your next best choice is hope. All you can do is hope things will work – they will not!

So, you will begin to say things like –

– Am I sure this will work? – DOUBT

– What if it doesn’t work? – DOUBT

– Maybe I’m just kidding myself. – DOUBT

– Maybe I need to be realistic. – DOUBT

– What will people say? – PRIDE

– What will I tell my parents? – PRIDE

– How will I look? – PRIDE

– How will I ever be able to face…? – PRIDE

We will deal with doubt for now and talk about pride later but the truth is, people who talk like this are not in faith.

Hebrews 11 (NKJV)
1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

The Bible says “faith comes by hearing and hearing God’s word (Romans 10:17)” so once you doubt what God’s word says you are no longer in faith. You will need faith working properly to see, touch and get what you are hoping for. Once you have no confidence in what God says, you are in doubt and that’s enemy territory.

All the questions above show how doubt and pride work in concert. First, doubt cuts the life off the vision and then pride goes in for the kill. Once, you give up on God (through doubt) and it’s now all about you (pride) – all you care about is saving face and hope things work out…

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