Doubt and Pride – The Deadly Twins | Part Four


– Taiwo Akinyemi

So, we ended yesterday by saying – your focus should be on God and NOT the devil. Nobody – at least no Christian would consciously decide to focus on the devil. In fact, often we are not even aware our focus has shifted from God to the devil so I will teach you a little trick I have learnt and that I use and hopefully it will help you know where your focus is and help you shift focus.

1 Thessalonians 5 23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body but for now our focus is on your soul which comprises your will, your emotions and your intellect. Now, oftentimes the devil will get to you through your emotions. So how will you know if your focus has shifted from God to the devil? Through those emotions.

Let me explain. We respond to our surroundings through our senses. For instance, if you love flowers and see a flower arrangement that is beautiful, you might exclaim, clap your hands together and admire it. If we were looking at you we would be able to tell you just saw something that you like a lot. The expression on your face and your words might also indicate you’d just seen something you really like. Now, you reacted to the flowers instinctively. You didn’t plan to exclaim or clap your hands and show how much your loved the flowers – it just happened.

Well, the devil does something similar to this. He will use something you saw, heard or felt to introduce a thought – it could be a thought regarding a need, a bill, a burden or a concern you’ve been carrying. The thought comes suddenly and instantly your emotions crash and you become low and your focus is squarely on the devil. At this point, doubt has taken the center stage since the thoughts going through your head are now not from God. So this is what I’ve learnt to do. If I notice that I suddenly feel low without any apparent reason, I immediately do a mental check and ask myself – “what was I thinking just now…” (Often the thoughts creep up on us) and once I’ve figured out what triggered the feeling, I consciously begin to speak out and encourage myself by reminding myself whose I am and what my God can do and my emotions soon get back on track with doubt squarely kicked out.

Why did I go into all that?

Because this is the classic way the devil introduces doubt – he does so at the point when you allow your emotions to lead you. You’ll be amazed how many Christians allow their feelings and emotions to lead them and how do we know where their focus is and who is in charge in their lives? They open their mouths and they tell us! They have a pity party…. and the devil is very happy when he has you in this state by the way. He’s glad and proud to watch you start to affirm him with your words! And the devil hasn’t changed. He still sneaks up on you and tries to change how things appear to get you to doubt.

Don’t let him trick you – stay alert and kick him out!

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